tr The Zero Gravity Work Pod

Introducing the Zero Gravity Work* Pod Revision 2
by @pjsdigitalarts

*May also be used for Gaming.

The Small but Spacious, Free-Stainding Cubicle for Your Zero Gravity Chair!

Lying Down on the Job is Better for You!

It's Also Totally Awesome For Gaming!

A zero gravity recliner is probably the most comfortable chair you will ever find. In the fully reclined position, the constant compression of your spine, due to the downward force of gravity, is counteracted. Your spine is able decompress, plus your feet are up providing good blood flow to the brain. What better way to relax at work? If only you could work at your computer this way. Well, now you can!

Designed around the Perfect Chair or similar zero gravity recliner, the Zero Gravity Work Pod positions your monitor(s), keyboard/mouse and desktop surfaces all within easy reach of the comfort of your recliner. Not just a desk, the Zero Gravity Work Pod has two slide out drawers for two CPU's, two adjustable, swing away monitor mounts, a swing away keyboard/mouse tray (L or R), integrated cable management, acres of shelf space, optional storage cabinets, a plant hanger, and even a gunrack! (or two headphone hangers). It's a free standing office cubicle with about a 7' x 9' footprint, and it even looks cool to boot!

We believe the Zero Gravity Work Pod is the work cubicle of the future. Open design allows open work spaces so office mates may see and communicate with those around them. The addtion of a surround system with noise cancellation could allow Work Pods to even be used in call centers. Pods are great for small teams or classrooms and can be arranged in small circles, U's or in rows, just about anyway you want. The slide outs for the CPU's makes them easy to access for upgrading or maintenance. The wiring is neatly managed with the arch providing a way to pass wiring from one side to the other, so there are no cables on the floor. Great with a surround sound system!

New Redesign! Convert a Standard Recliner into a Zero Gravity Recliner!

Due to the exorbitant pricing of decent Zero Gravity Chairs, it will be quite awhile before I can afford to buy one in order to build the prototype desk. Instead, I've gone back to the "drawing board" and come up with a way to take a less expensive recliner and convert it to a Zero Gravity Chair. To do this, I thought I would take advantage of execptional structure my desk design provides and hang the chair. Using a pair of bent tubes with cross braces, I hope to remove the pedastal bases on these recliners and attach them to this hanging frame. By adding additional adjustment mechanisms to adjust the foot rest and for tippring the chair back in the hanging frame, I hope to create an less expensive alternative. An option that would allow the use of a wide variety of recliners with my Zero Gravity Work Pod. Don't know yet if chair will be able to swing, probably not, but it will likely hang from springs.

While doing that, I also redesigned the Pod itself, adding a few more inches of height, reshaping the arches to create a more open feeling while improving material usage & buildability. I hope you like it.

Whether you're a 3D artist, designer, photographer, web designer, software developer, content provider, financial trader or gamer, if you spend hours at a computer each day, take a load off your work day with the Zero Gravity Work Pod!

Front Quarter View of Zero Gravity Work Pod

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360 Flyaround

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to Assemble.
  • Supports Dual 24"- 27" monitors.
  • Integral Cable Management.
  • Dual Slide Out Computer Bays.
  • Available as individual componentts to allow customization.
  • Complete stand alone cubicle environment
  • Small 7' x 9' Footprint with Spacious Feel
  • Work from a reclining position for better back health.
  • Plenty of space for Power Users and Collectors.
  • Provides Horizontal Surfaces, Unlike Other Zero Gravity Workstations.
  • Can use standard ZG chairs or inexpensive recliner
  • Recliner Hanging Conversion Kit
  • Front View

    Zero Gravity Work Pod Rear View
    Rear View of Work Pod

    Rear Quarter View Showing Rear Shelf Unit with Cable Management Extension

    TOP View of Zero Gravity Work Pod

    Zero Gravity Work Pod Top View
    Side View of Work Pod

    Zero Gravity Work Pod Side View

    The Zero Gravity Work Pod is Modular!
    You may customize it to your needs with a range of add-ons. Coming Soon!

    Ok, here's a What If? What If you could wrap the Zero Gravity Work Pod, so it were more enclosed.

    Rear Quarter ViewDoor Animation 1
    Front Left Quarter ViewShort Front Shelf Design

    That's the question that popped into my head the other day and what started this design. Besides wrapping the rear shelf and arch, I wrapped the main arch as well, still leaving the cutouts for access to the computer bays and to provide ventilation for them. Note the new addition of a lexan "window" above the rear shelves. This could be made with electronic privacy glass for those top secret projects. Assuming you can get curved e-glass. All this wrapping also helps to confine noise inside the Pod and keep outside noise out.

    On the lower right is where I first started this project by lathing a portion of the main arch upright to create the small quarter radius shelf units. This is the ultimate small footprint version, At less than 7' x 7', it is compact yet provides lots of shelf space. I may do something like this for my personal version to keep the size down.

    I then tried lathing one of the whole main arch uprights which created the semi-circular front shell design. I decided to put some doors in, so you could lock it up at night. You could have shelves on one side of the front unit and a coat closet on the other. In a large office setting you could also run air conditioning ducts to the top of each unit and hoses could direct it to the computers and the seating area. A temperature sensor and controllable damper would allow individual tuning of conditions within the Pods and could reduce air conditioning costs. All the electrical for the pod could also come from ceiling drops, so there are no cables on the floor.

    I don't know if producing anything like this is feasible, but I had to explore it once the idea came into my head.

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